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Online Dance Classes from Monrovia

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Get Quality Dance Instruction from Monrovia, No Matter Where Life Takes You

Life is busy and unpredictable, and sometimes it takes you away from our team at Ballet Kukan Academy!

No matter whether you have an inconsistent work schedule, if you don't live near Monrovia but were referred by a friend, or if life has you temporarily staying indoors at home, our Online Dance Classes mean you can continue to practice your skills with professional training, dedicated guidance, and practical resources. Our teachers will check in with you while providing personalized instruction and help you become the best you can be... wherever you are!

Online Dance Classes near Monrovia

Why Choose Online Dance Classes?

Sometimes, it's impossible to maintain a consistent schedule or to make it to our location in Monrovia for in-person classes. Our team at Ballet Kukan Academy understands that life can be complicated, but that you still deserve high-quality training, personalized curriculum, and the professional guidance you need to achieve your goals.

We offer ALL of our different classes via Zoom, so that no one has to miss out on their classes and training.

Our Online Dance Classes give you the opportunity to take on virtual dance instruction, getting the same accountability and assistance without having to step through our doors. If life keeps you moving or has kept you at home, our online programs are the perfect opportunity for you or your children to get all the benefits of traditional in-person classes without the locational or time restrictions.

Online Dance Classes can help you or your children:
  • Build upon any skills you've gained from in-person training
  • Enjoy seeing and continuing to learn with other classmates
  • Get professional guidance on form, technique, and expression
  • Stay accountable week after week as you pursue your dreams

Get Started With Online Dance Classes at Ballet Kukan Academy!

No matter where life takes you, our Online Dance Classes at Ballet Kukan Academy gives you and your children all the tools you need to thrive. Reach out to us and we can answer any questions, go over your goals, and see how our team can help you become the best dancer you can possibly be. 

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Ballet Kukan Academy operates the classes as “HYBRID”. You can choose the way to attend classes.

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