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COVID-19 Update

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Ballet Kukan Academy COVID-19 Update

All classes at Ballet Kukan Academy are currently operated with Zoom. The studio is also open only for the students who are willing to come back. In this case, the studio and Zoom are operated at the same time.

The number of the students in one classes is limited to keep the social distance to be manageable.

Teachers and staff are required to take COVID-19 test every 4-6 weeks.

The students who attends studio lesson are required to submit a consent form every 14 days.

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  1. The student will come with the dance attire, and enter the facility one by one. No Dressing Room is allowed to use.
  2. Any person who will enter the facility has to wear a mask/shield.
  3. Disinfect the shoes. — We will spray your shoes — The same as hospital use disinfectant solution
  4. Use hand sanitizer Ballet Kukan will provide.— with WHO approved method sanitizer.
  5. Temperature check.

In the Studio and during the lesson

  1. All the belongings and dance shoes will be disinfected before entry of the studio.
  2. The doors are always open.
  3. Use decal to measure the social distance in the studio.
  4. The studio space is limited to use only for 4-6 students in the Studio 1, and 2-3 students in the Studio 2 as maximum. — This may change with the situation.
  5. The Air purifier is turned on during the class. (Hospital level of filter H13 True HEPA)
  6. The student is required to wear mask/shield for entire class. The students have time to take off the mask to breathe whenever necessary.

Bathroom use

  1. Non-Touch Soap dispenser is prepared.
  2. Non-Touch Hand Sanitizer is prepared outside of the bathroom door.


  1. The parents should be waiting outside 5 minutes prior to the class ends.
  2. The student will leave the facility one at a time.
  3. The studio will be disinfected by the mist of disinfecting solution, and spray or wipe off the barres and other items which are in the contact with the students and the teachers. 

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Currently, all classes are operated by Zoom. A limited number of the students are accepted in the studio.

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